These programs are more appropriately called the Federal High Skilled economic immigration programs. They include;

  • The Canadian Experience Class
  • The Federal Skilled Workers Class
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Class

Eligibility for The Express Entry Pool

Candidates who wish to be eligible for the express entry pool must fulfill a number of requirements;

  • They should have recent work experience that lasted at least six months.
  • The job they hold should fall under the in-demand bracket of occupations within that province.
  • They should have a job-seeker validation code.

Express entry candidates who wish to go the provincial nomination route must register an MPNP Expression of Interest profile. Profiles receive scores according to the work-experience, education levels and proficiency in French and English. Candidates with a close connection to Manitoba are more likely to get higher scores.

What qualifies as a connection includes having relatives or work experience in the province? The highest ranked candidates will then get an invitation to apply for the provincial nomination. A series of draws will yield a number of lucky candidates.

If one of such candidates happens to be an express entry candidate, he/she will receive a bonus 600 points to their total score. Skilled Workers Overseas candidates who didn’t fall under the express entry category also got invitations to the December 20th draw. Such candidates had to fulfill a number of requirements;

  • A close connection with Manitoba i.e. through prior work or education experience or through relatives who reside in the province.
  • No less than six months of work-experience in an in-demand occupation.
  • A language proficiency that’s no less than CLB/NCLC 5. Unless of course the occupation that one gained their work experience in is regulated. In such an instance, one should have either (minimum CLB/NCLC 7) or a mandatory trade (CLB/ NCLC 6).

The MPNP also conducted a Strategic Recruitment Initiative that provided opportunities for Skilled Workers Overseas Candidates. Candidates eligible to receive one of the 44 LCCs had to have a minimum score of 718. Such an initiative involves the MPNP having to undertake overseas missions

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