Plenty of Americans want to leave their country. The desire to leave America for Canada is said to have gone even higher after the election of Donald Trump into office.16% of them hope to leave during Donald Trump’s first term. 11% left under George Bush’s leadership and 10% left under Barrack Obama’s leadership. According to a recent poll, a quarter of them is looking to move to Canada.

Based on the Gallup survey in 2016, 26% of Americans who want to leave their country plan on moving to Canada. Younger Americans have expressed a higher desire to leave than older ones. Up to 30% of 15-29-year-old Americans would like to leave the country. An average of 40% of women in the same age bracket wants to leave America permanently. This number continues to increase.

The ‘Trump Effect’

The ‘Trump Effect’ seems to have had a significant impact on the country’s political polarization. Before he got into power, people did not migrate into or out of the country based on their support or disapproval of him. The approval rating for the president is only 42.4% which means that over half of the American population does not approve of their president. As soon as Trump became president, the google searches for ‘How to move to Canada’ increased significantly.

It is, however, important to note that the desire of people to leave America and move to Canada is not necessarily seen in actual numbers. At the moment, it is mostly just a desire. The numbers show that the number of Americans who have acquired permanent residence in Canada from January 2017 to the end of March 2018 is slightly over 1, 000.

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