The more competitive selection process

The new immigration policies for skilled immigrating workers are more competitive. Only a fraction of applicants is getting accepted into Canada’s labor force. The Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System now requires applicants to fluently speak English/ French, have work experience, and have a good educational background. In addition, applicants with work or education history from Canada get higher CRS scores compared to those that don’t. It is extremely hard to find young, well-educated professionals with work experience, so by all accounts, they have set the bar high.

More immigrant selections from within the country

With the pandemic surging across the world, leaving a massive death toll behind, the last thing Canada wanted to do was keep receiving immigrant workers and risk increasing infection rates. To manage the situation, the Canadian government started granting citizenship to immigrants who were in the country on a temporary work visa. This practice is still ongoing to date and has proven beneficial in a variety of ways.

The government is investing in helping newcomers get settled

Changing your environment to a new country can no doubt be a stressful experience. Then add to that the pressure to perform at your best, and most people would feel uneasy. For this reason, the Canadian government has invested in immigration settlement services to improve the immigrant experience. Thanks to these funds, immigrant workers now get workforce and language training to better fit into the new environment. If you’re wondering how much the Canadian government put into the project, the answer is a cool two billion dollars. This is quite an improvement considering a few years back; the immigration settlement program only got three hundred and fifty million dollars.
The best part is that these services are set up and ready on arrival, so the workers do not have to wait for their integration training. Some workers can get the training before leaving their countries for Canada, so they are up to speed before immigrating.


Considering these factors, Canadian immigrants can feel at ease knowing that the Covid-19 pandemic recession does not spell doom for their economic future. Factors actively in play are calculated to ensure a bright financial future for Canada’s skilled immigration workforce. In addition, immigrants working on a temporary basis can look forward to permanent residency if they choose to apply because the country is looking to absorb workers already living within.

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