Despite the move by the Canadian government to reduce the number of immigrants in the country, the numbers are still on the rise. The federal government has clearly stated it will keep its promise of reducing the number of immigrants each year a move that has highly been criticized by the prime minister.

According to the government immigration minister, the country is targeting to admit 330,800 permanent residencies in 2019. Statistically, this number as increased because the year 2018 target was 310,000.

The federal government has categorized the immigration into levels namely, refugee, economic, and family classes. Experts feel that the number will increase to a staggering 350,000 immigrants by the year 2021.

With this new development, Ontario is now seeking additional PNP allocation. They believe that immigration helps to provide the required labour force and population growth in the country.

This is quite confusing since Ontario is the most populous province in Canada. However, it is important to point out that the country is deficient of the workforce. They want to be allowed to participate in the immigrant’s selection that matches their labour market requirements.

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