Post-secondary Institutions in Manitoba have opened a new immigration pathway for their international students. The application window is now open, and interested candidates can submit their Expression of Interest forms.

  • An eligible candidate must undertake a full-time program that runs for one academic year in any of the higher learning institutions available in Manitoba. They must be living in the province at the time of Expression of Interest (EOI) submission.
  • An added advantage will be given to candidates who have a full-time job in Manitoba. Their employees should be eligible in the sense that they offer job opportunities that are in demand in the province. Furthermore, they should ensure that that they work in a job environment that provides them with consistent training and education.
  • Other than that, a candidate can be eligible if they have completed a bridging program that is in line with the principals of a regulatory body. The interested international candidates must apply immediately after their graduation so that they are not left behind when the window-period is shut down.

Submitting Expression of Interest
Interested international candidates should submit their EOIs as a way making it known to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) that they indeed want to be considered for nomination so that they can be given a permit to reside in the province permanently.

Prior to that submission, eligible candidates are tasked with the responsibility of answering a series of online questions. This may vary from questions pertaining; their work experience, education level, or even their proficiency in English or French. Those who attain the standard ranking score are registered in a forum of eligible students who should be considered for the Career Employment Pathway.

As for candidates who score the highest in the test; they are issued with letters that contain advice on how they can apply for MPNP’s provisional nomination. The management of MPNP has made it clear that they may set new career-limits when issuing eligible candidates with a permanent residence permit.

The importance of this pathway immigration scheme is that it attracts a hardworking, skilled population into the province. The international students who decide to settle in Manitoba have a considerable influence on how the economy will run. They bring fresh ideas and talents that can be used to develop the province to greater heights. Another benefit of the scheme is that it brings unity and thus promotes a peaceful co-existence amongst individuals from different backgrounds.

The pathway has also been praised for its unbiased nature. It gives eligible candidates the audacity to apply without fear that they might actually be turned down. Those who are not shortlisted also have the chance of applying again next time, when the application window is opened