Do you intend to move to Canada? Are you worried about COVID-19 restrictions? Despite coronavirus’s adverse financial impacts, recent surveys show that most folks are immigrating to Canada.

According to a survey conducted by the World Education Services (WES) in June, 57 percent of the respondents admitted that COVID-19 doesn’t hinder their interest in moving to Canada. This is an increase from the figures recorded in April.

WES is uniquely qualified to gauge Canada’s prospective immigrants’ motivations since they conduct educational assessments for various economic-class immigrants.

How Many People Are Moving to Canada Despite Corona Virus?

Most respondents confirmed that COVID-19 was their incentive in moving to Canada, while few people said they were deterred. 45 percent of the 4615 respondents said they were more interested in moving to Canada because of the virus, and 6% said they were dissuaded.

A lesser number of respondents were also considering postponing their immigration. Up to 32 percent of responders intend to delay their traveling plans, which is an improvement from the 35% reported in April.

What Conditions Are Supporting the Increasing Interest?

According to WES, most respondents expected pandemic’s economic effects to be less severe in Canada than in their countries. Although Canada was not exempted from the brunt of COVID19, the Labour Force Survey reported that more than half of workers regained their jobs by the end of July.

WES also added that 58% of the responders expected negative economic effects in Canada, while 80 percent said that they anticipated hostile economic impacts in their initial countries. Despite similar expectations in April, only 68% anticipated negative effects in Canada.

The respondents gave similar replies regarding how they felt regarding the pandemic’s impact on their birth countries’ employment sector. During June, up to fifty-seven percent of the respondents anticipated reduction in jobs in their home countries and 43% expected a decrease in job opportunities in Canada.

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