Why Immigrants Are Crucial in Canada’s Post Covid-19

Canada has the lowest birth rate across the world and sports high retirement rates. These problems were prevalent before the outbreak, and experts warn that it could worsen the situation.

WES admits that immigrants are crucial in growing Canada’s economy after the Pandemic, a sentiment shared by Marco Mendicino (Immigration minister of Canada).

When addressing the public webinar during early May, Marco said that immigrations are essential for Canada’s recovery, and the country will continue welcoming new foreign workers, families, and permanent residents.

Remember that Canada welcomes more than 300,000 immigrants each year to assist in alleviating her demographic challenges. She will face more economic challenges if she welcomes fewer visitors.

Canada’s immigration target in 2020 is 341,000, 351,000 in 2021 and 361,000 in 2022. The country’s rapidly aging populace and the rising trend that entails young workers moving to cities such as Vancouver and Toronto leave Canada’s northern region with an inadequate labor force.

The major incentive for population growth in Canada has been immigration since the 1990s; thus, Canada requires more immigrants than ever owing to COVID-19 casualties.

Population growth is essential since it increases the labor force. There are two ways of fostering an economy; employing more workers and utilizing these workers proficiently.

Immigrants will also support job creation in various ways. Statistics Canada shows that immigrants have a high probability of being entrepreneurs. In their recent studies, immigrants created up to 25% of new jobs from 2003 to 2013.

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