Has corona made you sad just as it has to people who want to migrate to Canada? If it has, you will love to hear this. FSTP, PNP, FSWP, and CEC candidates can now apply for permanent Canadian residence through the express entry draw. If you are successful in the application, you will be granted that chance.

A few weeks ago, the Canadian government had imposed restrictions on how people traveled. During this time, IRCCC held draws only for PNP and CEC candidates.

Looking at 2019 data on the number of people who applied for permanent residence in Canada, 45 percent of these people were FSWP candidates, 36 percent were CEC candidates, while 18 percent were PNP candidates, while 1 percent were FSTP candidates.

Why Should IRCC Consider Giving FSWP Candidates a Chance?

IRCC assumed that CEC and PNP candidates are likely not to face challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic when applying for permanent Canada residency, and hence most of them are likely to get the chance to be permanent Canadian residents.

However, this is likely not to be the case. Such is because of different reasons: one, where a person does not determine the Express Entry Program he or she is eligible for. For instance, a person can be an overseas residence and still be a CEC candidate. On the other hand, a person living in Canada can be eligible for the FSWP. It is clear that FSWP and FSTP candidates were not fairly treated when they were not given a chance to apply for permanent residency in Canada when PNP and CEC candidates were doing so.

Secondly, at most, six months are needed for the processing that determines if a person will be successfully awarded a permanent Canada residency or not. Six months are enough for overseas candidates such as FSWP candidates to apply and travel to Canada.

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