The Provincial Nominee Program

Among the nationally-recognized immigration programs is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). It allows participating provinces to nominate foreign workers and international graduates to apply for permanent residence under Express Entry-aligned programs.

If you have attempted the ways mentioned above of improving your CRS score, a PNP might be an excellent option.

Entering the Express Entry makes you automatically eligible for a PNP. A particular province might offer a “Notification of Interest”, which allows you to apply to the province. If approved, you get 600 points towards your CRS score, guaranteeing you an ITA for permanent residence.

For instance, last week, Canada had an Express Entry CRS threshold of 813. For candidates who already had 600 CRS points from a PNP, they only required 213 points from their human capital points to meet the Express Entry minimum.

Hence, do not let your federal CRS points dictate your chances of getting a chance to immigrate to Canada. You may have low CRS points, but you can leverage provincial nominee programs to accumulate the required CRS score that gets you an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

Canada Eyes Even More Immigrant Workers in Future

Canada has set a historic target for its immigration programs, aiming to break the record with its expected influx of foreign workers in the next three years. The country aims to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants every year under the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan.

Among these, 110,000 immigrants are expected to arrive through the Express Entry pool. This target is expected to increase every subsequent year, resulting in 113,750 immigrants by the end of 2023. In the bid to meet this target, the federal government has expressed its inclination to issue an increased number of Express Entry invitations. The CSR threshold points are also expected to plummet as the country tries to attract more immigrants.

The gateways of entering Canada as an immigrant are welcoming to foreign workers and international graduates. Even with a low CRS score, you still have the chance to get permanent residence. You can use the various tips mentioned above to improve your score and receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

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