The IRCC is issuing invitations to Canadians and permanent residents who had applied for the Parents and Grandparents Program in 2020. The Immigration, Refugees ad Citizenship Canada held its PGP lottery at the beginning of the week and will issue invitations within ten days. Interested candidates were required to send their interest to sponsor forms any day from October 13 and November 3, 2020.

IRRC aims to welcome at least 10000 applicants for the 2020 GDP and 40000 invitations for 2021. Originally, the IRCC was to issue these invitations in 2020 and 2021. However, due to the delays caused by the coronavirus crisis, the invitation will be issued this year.

Canada to use PGP Lottery Selection

There are more people interested in the Parents and Grandparents Program than the IRCC can accept. For this reason, Canada can only hold a lottery for the random selection of candidates who will be invited to apply. Before commencing the process, however, IRCC eliminates all duplicate applications to ensure a hundred percent equal opportunity in the lottery.

Successful applicants have a total of 60days to complete and submit their applications. Candidates who fail to submit their application due to coronavirus related reasons must provide concrete evidence of the issue. The IRRC then grants them an additional 90 days to submit all the required documents and complete their applications.

The immigration department urges applicants who have successfully submitted their interest to sponsor form to keep checking their e-mails and junk folders. They can also visit the IRCC website and check their invitation status. According to IRCC, only successful candidates who are invited to apply will be contacted.

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