Just graduated and looking for a job? Whant to change job and place and immigrate to Canada? Congratulations! With an employment rate of 85%, Canada is always teeming with active job seekers. But how do you stand out? Here are some tips to make your job search a piece of cake.
1. Self – Assessment
Self-assessment is very important while looking for a job. Knowing what you are capable of will not only help you with your self-esteem and confidence, but will help you look for a job in the right niche. You can take online quizzes which help you understand what you are good at.
Another popular way of assessing yourself is to take down a notepad and start jotting down what you are good at. You can keep picture yourself in each profession and write down the first thing that comes to your mind. Once you have a summary of what makes you happy, you can decide on what and where to search for a job!
Self-assessment is also required to know your strengths and weakness. Self-confidence is the ability to believe in what you are good at and use it to your advantage – in other words, to cover up your weaknesses. An employer is more likely to hire someone who knows what he is good and promotes himself.


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