Choose the correct NOC code

The National Occupation Classification (NOC) code reflects the role to be filled by a foreign international. For the federal government to accurately assess the impact of hiring a foreign worker in a specific field, that occupation needs to be clearly defined. If there arises any discrepancy between the selected NOC code and the duties and responsibilities to be performed by the foreign worker, the application may be rejected.

Allocate the correct salary according to the NOC code

Canada is all about fairness. When hiring a foreign worker, the wage offered by the employer must match what Canadian workers receive. The salary stated must be equal to or more than the median wage of the NOC in the geographical area of the job. If these requirements are not met, the application will not be approved.

Identify the correct stream through which to apply

If you look into it, not all LMIAs are the same. Different LMIAs are pursuable, and the best one for you depends on factors such as:

  • The occupation being filled by the foreign worker
  • The ownership structure of the Canadian company in relation to the worker
  • The purpose to which the LMIA is being submitted

Using the wrong stream could result in longer processing times and refusal in the end.

Ensure correct advertisement and ongoing recruitment efforts

As stated earlier, the primary purpose of the LMIA is to confirm that there were no Canadians available for the job. In this regard, attempts to recruit Canadians must be well documented and authentic.

Many LMIAs rejections are because of unsatisfactory recruitment efforts. Although the federal government does not provide specific guidelines on this, advertisements should be posted in acceptable sources and must contain the required information. While most ads go for only 28 days, it is best to keep an ad running until the LMIA approval.

Verify that all forms and documents are complete before submitting

The final tip is to double-check your application before submitting it. Since the purpose of the LMIA is to protect the encroachment of Canadian jobs from foreign nationals, you can expect thorough scrutiny of the applications. As you may already know, an LMIA is a complex and exhaustive process that involves the submission of countless documents, and the filling of many government forms.

A simple error in any step of this process could jeopardize or prolong the processing of the application. If you are not up to the exhaustion and long waiting processes, it is best to seek professional guidance to help you to successfully and efficiently navigate the process.

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