Good news to prospective foreign workforce and Canadians who are aspiring to start the year with new jobs. Canada is offering plenty of well-paying opportunities across different industries and sectors. According to the Randstad Canada study, the country is in dire need of workforce. In their survey, they came up with data that determined the country’s in-demand jobs of 2020. They came up with a comprehensive list of job vacancies that employers are facing a lot of difficulties to fill.

The study was conclusive and it was clear Canada had a shortage of blue-collar workforce and the demand had exceeded supply by far. For instance, the IT sector had a lot of setbacks in finding qualified personnel in the country and this is a global scenario that is not limited to Canada. Other industries like in the agribusiness have suffered great losses due to the workforce issues. In this regard, we will examine some opportunities that the country has to offer to the prospective workforce in 2020.

First, some sectors are in dire need of blue-collar workforce and they will be recruiting in large numbers this year. Ranking them in the hierarchy of need the roles include:

  • Truck driver
  • Welder
  • General labourer
  • Heavy-duty Mechanic

If there are newcomers who lack technical knowledge in these areas, the country is dedicated by offering these course training across the country to complement their workforce with qualified individuals. More importantly, these courses will be carried out within a short duration of time so that newcomers in the industry can get certification fast.

What are the Most Crucial In-demand Roles?

It didn’t come as a surprise that the country was still in great demand of retail roles. This is a second consecutive year that this area has greatly been affected by the shortage of workforce. Apart from the workforce shortage, the area has experienced other challenges such as Increased in online shopping and automation. However, these scenarios have not decreased the need for retail goods and still, the sector requires merchandisers for consumer goods and sales associates. More importantly, Canada is in dire need of personnel for roles in engineering and technology. Work opportunities include:

  • Project managers
  • Receptionists
  • Business development managers

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