There was an unprecedented surge in the number of immigrants to Canada in the period starting July 1st all the way to October 1st last year. This migration saw Canada’s population grow at a record pace within the three months.

Estimates by Canada Statistics indicated that the population increased by 183,715 during that quarter of 2018. It further indicated that never before has such figures been recorded since the introduction of its demographic accounting system.

International migration consisted of 146,531 people who arrived in Canada between July 1 and October 1. This was the largest group. Strong immigration levels and the coming of unprecedented number of people who are not permanent residents contributed to this massive international migration.

Out of the new arrivals, 79,417 consisted of non-permanent residents whereas 82, 316 were permanent ones. Most of these were study and work permit holders. The number of work permit holders who migrated into Canada during this quarter in 2018 was the fifth largest since 1971, Statistics Canada recorded.

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