With a relatively open and well-regulated immigration system, most immigrants finds Canada to be a top destination.

A current declaration to resume Express Entry invites to all applicants as of July, is welcome information to those candidates who had their immigrants plans paused due the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canada has overwhelming variety of pathways and Express Entry happens to be one of them. Below are some of the Canada’s immigration categories;

Economic class

This is the main source of newcomers to Canada. Persons that have qualified for either of the pathways, which are more than 100, are considered as individuals who have the potential to impact the economy in a positive way. They are also seen as people who are able to integrate into the country’s economic system easily.

Express entry

As explained earlier the express entry is a a federal economic class pathway that has three programs, that is , The Federal Skilled Workers Program that requires applicants to meet specific education, work, and specific language experience. The other two include the The Federal Skilled Trades Program which involves individuals who have acquired skills at least five years before applying as well as acquiring either French or English language skills. Lastly is the Canadian Experience Class that are offered to individuals that have worked for at least one year in Canada.

Spouses and partners

In Canada, citizens as well as permanent residents are allowed to sponsor a spouse, needy children and common-law partner. However, it is important to note that one must be able to prove that they are financially able to sponsor their dependent children and spouse for a period of time normally not less than three years. The three year period is known as undertaking. This is regardless of any changes in financial


The federal government of Canada has a significant agreement with Quebec that allows the province to choose immigrants. Its the only province in the country with French as an official language, suffice to say, several of its foreign programs require immigrants to acquire French language skills.

Quebec is a unique province with regards to its immigration programs. An example is the Quebec Skills Workers Program that allows skilled workers to apply to the program. Individuals are also allowed to take advantage of the pilot programs that promote immigration by people that are experienced in orderlies, and industries including tech and artificial intelligence.

Family class

Family class sponsorship seconds economic class immigration with regards to the most common path to enter Canada as a citizen. Canada is a host to 100,000 immigrants every year through the family sponsorship program. Two main pathways that make this possible include the grandparents and parents program and the children, spouses and partners program.

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