A high percentage of Canadian immigrants have economic interests. They are always eager to establish new innovations in Canada. Since the year 2015, the Canadian government has continued to support and welcome immigrants from most of the nations across the world. The increasing number of immigrants in Canada has facilitated the availability of exemplary talents in the country. The Canadian government has also prioritized training and educating young innovators, including the immigrants. By the year 2021, the Canadian government has plans to welcome 350,000 new immigrants annually. This will ensure that there is a continuous flow of new innovation in the technology sector.

Technology is a factor that heavily influences the economic development of every nation across the world. Technology facilitates innovations and inventions in both the industrial and scientific fields. It is only through technology that humans can be able to manipulate the physical world to achieve their goals. Canada is one of the countries that have embarked on every single strategy that promotes the development of technology. The Canadian government has realized that immigrants have a lot of positive contributions to the growth of the technology sector in the country. This was recently confirmed by the Canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau during the Collision conference in Toronto.

Most of Canadian immigrants possess excellent skills and are qualified to work in departments related to technology. Their experience and qualification have been approved by the government in that they match the requirements of Canada`s labor market. The immigrants are, therefore, privileged to acquire work permits very easily. This increases their chances of receiving permanent Canadian residence through the Canada Express Entry System. As a result, Canada has become the most foreign technology workers` preference compared to other countries.

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