Major foreign technology firms have also found the need to move sections of their work to Canada. This is primarily because of the easy availability of highly skilled and experienced labor. This eventually translates as the flourishing economy of the country.

The introduction of the Global Talent Stream by the Canadian government for the last four years has also had a significant contribution to supporting immigration of skilled workers into the country. This strategy involves the use of features that allows quick processing of work permits, especially for occupations that are on very high demand. Canada is currently in a position to offer viable technological services as opposed to the north of the border, which includes the United States.

A country that blocks immigrants also limits its access to talents. This causes the unavailability of skilled labor, which results in poor economic growth. Canada has realized the existence of anxieties and worries across the world and has turned this into an opportunity to acquire resilient communities which offer better innovations and solutions primarily in the technology sector. Canada`s ability to maintain openness to immigrants has been a crucial factor in sustaining the country`s success in the technology sector. This might have been a factor that resulted in the Collision Conference being held in outside the United States for the first time.

The fact that technology is a very dynamic sector has kept the Canadian liberal leaders on their toes. According to the Prime minister, Justin Trudeau, the enlightened leaders in the Canadian government will remain focused and continue to collaborate with the tech companies, including the startups.

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