How to immigrate to Canada as a nurse

With increasing globalization and Canada welcoming citizens from foreign lands to come and work in Canada, there has also been an increasing in the number of internationally trained nurses wishing to come and settle in Canada.  To make it possible for the nurses to be able to come to Canada, there are a series of steps and procedures that the nurses need to follow, which will ensure a smooth and successful immigration process. To start at the basics, it is essential to know that all of the different Canadian provinces have their own unique regulations and requirements, which include the professional designations like the LPN, RPN or RN and all the applicants should also qualify for the mandatory education requirements for a nurse in Canada.

To begin the process of immigrating and thus being able to live and work in Canada, you should start with getting all your qualifications assessed and then converted into the North American standards by the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS). To begin this process, you need to have a clear understanding about which Canadian province you would like to immigrate to.


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