Looking to move to Canada? You would probably need a job. Here are the top ten entry level jobs that you can apply for.

  1. Public Relations Specialist

You can apply for this job even if you are not a PR degree holder. Anybody with good communication skills and an enigmatic personality can become an excellent PR. If you love socializing and networking, then this job is for you. The entry level PR gets an annual remuneration of $30,000, and later on, it can go up to $64,000.

  1. Construction Manager

It is commonly believed that construction requires rigid labor but pays peanuts. It’s an outright myth. The construction of sophisticated architecture requires advanced and skilled labor adept at following multiplex blueprints. With good education and hands on training, you can easily travel up the ladder and become a highly paid construction manager. Be sure to know that this job demands a lot of physical work and strength.

  1. Sales Representative

Every entrepreneur requires convincing sales representatives with great negotiation skills. If you are someone who does not take ‘no’ for an answer, sales is right up your lane. This job has an average pay scale of $39,390. However, as you rise up the ladder, you can aim for a sales manager position that pays up to $126,040.

  1. Financial Analyst

If you are one to play with numbers and investments are right up your alley, then the position of the financial analyst is for you. In the beginning of your career, you might have to read up on your company’s financial status and then propose corrective measures to put them on the right track. A financial analyst makes around $40,000 nationally.


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