1. Niagara Falls

Millions of tourists visit Niagara Falls due to its popularity and the natural attraction it possesses. Together with Niagara Gorge, Niagara Falls attracts tourists and daredevils from around the globe. This breathtaking natural attraction is located over an hour from Toronto along the American border. The fall is about 57 meters high, which can be viewed in close proximity from different angles. If you visit this magnificent site, you and your loved ones will also enjoy the outrageous Clifton Hill towards the gorge and fall.

2. Banff National Park & The Rocky Mountains

In the Province of Albert, there lies the Rocky Mountains that host the stunning view of the Banff National Park. The park has all the awe-inspiring sceneries and animals you need to see in Canada, ranging from snow-capped peaks to turquoise-colored lakes and glaciers, among other picturesque sceneries. Lake Louis stands out in the park with green water followed by Moraine Lake a few feet away. The town of Banff is also nearby for world-class accommodations and other recreational activities in the city.

3. Whistler

For exceptional winter sports in Canada, step into Whistler located just a 2-hour drive from Vancouver. Whistler’s village offers fantastic ski resorts and a destination for summer sports such as mountain biking and golf. The town proved its attractiveness when it hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Games due to its comfortable hotels, great eateries, and various reactional activities.

4. Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

Polar Bears of Churchill offers the unique experience of polar bear migrations from the land to the icy water in Hudson Bay. This one-of-its-kind destination is situated near the City of Churchill North of Manitoba. Each fall, tourists come here and board tundra buggies with caged windows to tour the area while coming close to polar bears. The most suitable period to visit Polar Bears of Churchill is between October and November when the bears are awaiting the water to freeze.

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