5. Vancouver Island

When you visit the Province of British Columbia, taking a minute off Victoria, BC, for sightseeing and turn north to Vancouver Island. It may seem miles away, but it is just less than a 2-hour ferry drive. The island holds the world’s most exclusive hiking experience for nature lovers. As a bonus, you will have a chance to create unforgettable memories camping on the Island’s most beautiful spots. The rugged coast also offers a magnificent site of ancient trees, sandy coves, and unforgettable rocky shores. Again, head to the Pacific National Park Reserve for a memorable hiking experience. For wave lovers, Tofino gives you a remarkable site to enjoy while in the island. Other destinations to enjoy near the island include Nanaimo, Qualicum Beach, and Parksville.

6. Bay of Fundy

In between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and east of Canada, lies the Bay of Fundy. It is the destination of tides, with the highest tide recorded reaching 19 meters (10 fathoms) high. Within the bay, you will appreciate other natural wonders that include cliffs and unique rock formations at Hopewell Cape, Grand Manan Island, Fundy Trails, and Fundy National Park.

7. Gros Morne National Park

When looking for a remote but most famous national park to visit in Canada, Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland is the place to be. It offers an astonishing landscape of natural mountains and fjords for visitors. Recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park features waterfalls, steep cliff walls, and unique rock formations engraved with the glacier. Visitors are also able to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking trails, ski touring, and kayaking.

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