If you are looking for a job in Canada, you must adequately prepare yourself for the interview. Research to get the necessary information that might come in handy when answering the questions that you will be asked. Having all the knowledge that you’ll need at your fingertips will boost your confidence; enabling you to tackle even the toughest interview questions.

When providing your answer, focus on what you can achieve by making it your best one. Never forget that the questions allow you to describe what you are offering. You may also use them to illustrate that you take pride in what you do, and you would appreciate nothing more than a chance to grow. Here are the top five Canadian job questions that you may get during an interview, and how you can answer them

1. Tell me about yourself?

This is one of the most basic interview questions to expect. Even though it seems easy, it can be pretty tricky to answer. A tell-me-about-yourself question calls for you to strike a balance between offering details about yourself and keeping your answer relevant to your dream job. Avoid straying from the topic at hand because if your answer doesn’t please your interviewer, you are less likely to get hired.

2. Why did you leave your former job, and what are you currently doing?

This is another question that you may come across in an interview. It puts your honesty to test. Every organization wants to hire loyal employees who are determined. The answer you give helps the recruiter to understand who you are as a person. When answering this query, be frank and make sure that the information is to the point.

To do this right, you must remain optimistic. Focus on the future that you want to build and do not disrespect or say anything negative about your former employer. You can tell the interviewer about the skills you hope to enhance once you join their workforce.

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