3. What are your ambitions?

By asking this question, the recruiter wants you to inform them about the plans you have for the future. They also want to know the time that you are planning to work for them. When answering it, avoid giving hints that may move to another company, or start your own, if the chance comes up. Your answer should explain that what you are looking for is an opportunity to learn and grow your career.

4. What are your weaknesses?

This is the self-analysis interview question. Your prospective Canadian employer might ask it to know how you feel about yourself. Although it might scare you, you can use it to your advantage. Do not pretend that you don’t have a weakness. Instead, adopt a professional style to explain something that you are not good at; without sabotaging yourself. While telling the recruiter about it, give ways that you are working on to change.

5. What’s your dream salary?

Whenever you get this question, clarify that your primary goal is to advance your career. If the employer insists that you tell them about the salary you expect, refrain from giving a specific figure. As an alternative, provide a range that you think reflects the worth of your skills.

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