If you wish to find out which cities in Canada attract the most immigrants, then you should read this article. Canada’s municipalities are aggressively racing to increase the number of immigrants they attract. With Canada’s older population and lower birth rates, the nation needs more immigrants to sustain its strong economy.

Thus, this article is going to cover which cities in Canada are attracting the most immigrants.


Toronto remains the largest immigrant destination among Canadian municipalities, and it holds the lead by a significant margin. Remember, foreign immigrants must complete specific steps, which differ depending on their circumstances. The local governments may also facilitate the arrival of immigrants in Canada, and different municipalities seek to increase their populations.

Furthermore, to enter and stay in Canada, an immigrant must hold a passport and a valid visa granted by the consulate in their country of origin. Let’s also try to see more clearly which regions of Canada are attracting the most immigrants. As an illustration, Vancouver was another popular destination for immigrants.

When foreigner chooses to live in Canada, the different municipalities will have to request the procedures for their admission to stay in the nation. Thus, for example, Quebec has decided to reduce its level of immigration. For this reason, Quebec has one of the lowest immigration rates when compared to other parts of Canada.


When we look at per-capita immigration rates, it turns out that Charlottetown is the town that has the highest per-capita immigration rates. While the law allows all Canadian nationals to move freely within Canada, this freedom does not apply to foreigners, those who have the nationality of a foreign country. So, specific municipalities that require a population boost can require that immigrants stay in the region to help the economy of the area.

Also, Canada requires immigrants, as the native birth rate is rather low, and the average age of the Canadian population continues to grow ever older. Thus, statisticians forecast that the population growth of the nation will become entirely based on immigration shortly. Remember, older Canadian citizens are dying, and there are not enough native-born Canadians to continue to increase the population of the nation.

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