Anyone planning to immigrate to Canada should be aware of some of the problems faced by immigrants in Canada. In this piece, we will examine these concerns and discuss how you may resolve them when relocating to Canada. At the same time, the authorities are working on some new laws.

These new laws relate to the immigration of individuals and reform in this area of the legal system. Also, the question of immigration statistics has recently been the subject of much discussion in Canada.

Cultural Differences

For example, the first problem we will discuss is the issue of cultural differences. Many immigrants have some questions which relate to cultural differences when they first arrive in Canada. I should add in this area that these issues are not so much an expression of the refusal of any cultural identity as an attempt to give oneself an alternative, or rather complementary, identity.

These mixed results can be explained in part by the structure of migratory flows to France. The government also frequently advises many immigrants to leave the major urban centers to move to the less populated parts of Canada. Remember, it is no longer just a question of integration, since the children of immigrants educated in Canada, many of whom are Canadian citizens, may suffer the same cultural differences as their parents.

The changing of first names in the children of immigrants attending school is one of the primary identity disorders and can lead to a destructive rejection of roots and origins. The fact that the children of foreigners, generally Canadian citizens and above all educated in the schools of Canada, are equal with their parents when it comes to cultural differences.

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