Canada is a desirable location for immigrants to move to. It has a high quality of life, the opportunity to advance one’s social standing, and a willingness to accept those looking to improve their lives.

As the fourth largest province in the country, Alberta is a highly desired destination for new Canadians. Both Calgary & Edmonton are popular choices as they offer a better cost of living than other major cities in the country. According to estimates from The Province of Alberta, roughly 40,000 people immigrate to the province annually, making it the 3rd highest destination for foreign nationals, behind Ontario & British Columbia.

The most popular immigration route to Canada is known as the Express Entry system. It is based on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) which accumulates points based on human capital factors. Candidates for Express Entry are not required to have a job offer, however, having one gives the applicant a much higher points total, thus a better chance to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

While the Express Entry System may be the simplest route to permanent residence, it certainly isn’t the only option. Many provinces, including Alberta, also offer a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

The PNP was introduced to help balance the distribution of immigration throughout the country. It allows participating provinces and territories a chance to nominate economic immigrants for permanent residence every year. These programs vary quite a bit from one province to another, as each determines its own requirements for nomination.

A PNP counts as an “enhanced” nomination stream, as measured by the federal Express Entry system. The Alberta Express Entry is one way to provide a route to immigration for foreign nationals who are without a job offer.

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