A VISA application needs many formalities and steps to be completed in an orderly manner. Filling out forms, paying fees, and fulfilling other criteria in the correct procedure are of paramount importance.

This is a comprehensive guide that will inform you about the important things that you must know when applying for an Australian VISA. Remember, the slightest mistake could delay, cancel or prolong the process. Therefore, take every step with care and caution.

Application and approval of the VISA

If you are applying for an Australian VISA from overseas, you are required to be outside Australia during the decision making process. However, if the application is made Australia, your presence in the continent is mandatory. If you have applied for an Australian VISA in the country, you must ensure that your return VISA is ready or it could lead to complications if your application does not get approved. Generally, a bridging VISA is granted to candidates to legalize their stay within the country until the application has been approved.


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