As of 2017, the Canadian Ministry of Labor and Social Security has granted the 200,000th work permit under the SAWP – the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme. This denotes the country’s ability to accommodate foreign workers and provide great employment opportunities. At the same time, these expatriate employees have helped build a strong nation that can continue to provide civilians a means to achieve their dreams.

An agriculturist requires a temporary work permit to work in Canada. This calls for some eligibility and qualifications.

The Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

If a candidate is hired through the SWAP, they are eligible to work for any employer. You can qualify for this program if:

  • you’re a citizen of a country that is a part of the SWAP,
  • You have been recruited by your government and you will be working for Canadian SWAP employers.

According to the SAWP, employers can hire foreign workers temporarily when Canadians or permanent residents are not available. These workers will be known as Temporary Foreign Workers or TWFs.



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