Finding qualified workers in Manitoba is becoming easier for employers, and they’ve got the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to thank for that. The province is working hard towards adding more qualified candidates for skilled positions in its workforce by issuing more nominations for Canadian permanent residence in the province.


In its 77th draw on November 21, invitations to candidates through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) were 230. While many of the candidates in this most recent draw (185) already live in Manitoba, the invitations to skilled workers overseas (16) and for the international education program (29) are significant. And these new invitations bring the invitations to candidates this year to a total of 7,141.

This will help with Manitoba’s endemic labour shortage.

Signing up

To be invited, skilled workers need to express interest in becoming permanent Canadian residents. Each candidate can fill out a profile online or fill out a paper application. After filling out the application, they are awarded on a 1000-point scale in areas that include education, work experience, whether they have family in the province, other connections to Manitoba, and fluency in English or French, among other factors.

The highest-scoring candidates receive an invitation – called a letter of advice to apply, or LAA – to apply for Canadian permanent residence from Manitoba. Those already in the country tend to receive invites with lower scores. The lowest score was 504 for those already in the province and 739 was the lowest score among candidates still living abroad. The MPNP invited 16 overseas candidates directly.

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