Express Entry

For those already in the province legally, the MPNP makes it even easier.

All but one of the 21 “express entry” candidates already had valid entry IDs. These candidates get an additional 600 points in the nomination process, essentially guaranteeing an invitation from the MPNP. for Canadian permanent residency.

For consideration, these “express entry” candidates need to have relevant work experience in a job that has been identified as an “in-demand” position in Manitoba. This encourages invitations to those with skills the province needs, as identified by the provincial government and employers. Candidates also need to submit what’s called an “expression of interest” to MPNP.

Bringing Skilled Workers to Manitoba’s Labour Market

MPNP seeks those with skills who can add expertise to Manitoba’s labour pool, including through a “skilled worker overseas” category. Such candidates need to have already established a connection to the province, with either family or close friends, having been educated in or having work experience in the province, or getting a direct invite from MPNP’s “strategic recruitment” programs.

These candidates don’t even need to apply from Manitoba to qualify.

Those who are invited via the “skilled worker in Manitoba” category do, however, need to have an offer from a Manitoba employer for permanent full-time employment.

International Education

Finding highly skilled candidates with the right educational background to fill needed jobs in Manitoba is important. That’s why international student exchange programs are so important.

For those Manitoba graduates with certain sought-after skills, an invitation may be offered under what’s known as the “international education stream”.

This allows qualified candidates to participate in furthering their careers through employment, sponsored internships, and as students at provincial places of learning that will allow them to continue their education in the province.

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