The Canadian government places eligible applicants for the Express Entry program in the express entry list. The government then grades these applicants on the strength of a CRS rating that considers criteria such as their professional experience, formal education, age, and fluency in either French or English. These factors decide on the minimum grade demanded by the CRS for a particular drawing.


The Express Entry Process

Hence, the Express Entry process continues to move along so far for this year. On the other hand, the Canadian government has deviated from the draws for all the programs. Therefore, the Canadian government wishes to take specific actions to slow the dissemination of the COVID-19 virus in Canada.

However, there are still regular invitations to the draws. Remember, nine provinces and two territories have established provincial nomination processes. These processes enable them to select a set amount of candidates for economic immigration and consideration for permanent residence on an annual basis.

Express immigrants who are nominees for nomination by a particular jurisdiction receive an extra 600 bonus points for their SRC rating. This rating places them at the forefront of the queue for an open invitation to seek permanent residency in the country. Hence, all participating jurisdictions have at least one avenue to immigration that is linked to the express entry process and enables them to designate express nominees for potential permanent residence in that jurisdiction.

Canada Extended Invitations

Canada extended an invitation to a pool of 589 candidates to enter the Express Entry pool. Canada projects that intake into the PNP to expand by as much as an additional 1/5 by the year 2022. Before April, the most significant number of ITAs issued by the IRCC in a given month this year was the 8,000 that Canada issued in February.

Also, with an extra 600 points linked to a previous provincial appointment, this implies that the baseline human capital point requirement was merely 92. Additionally, this recent drawing increases the overall ITA issuance this year to 30,989. This fact indicates that all nominees with a score higher than 692 were awarded an ITA in this invitational round.

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