Canada’s travel restrictions during the coronavirus do not extend to immediate family members, including that of common-law partners. Canadians will also still be able to sponsor common-law partners for permanent residence during the coronavirus within certain guidelines. Canada defines common-law partnerships as two people that have lived together for one year in a “conjugal” or marriage like relationship. Permanent residents and citizens should still be eligible to sponsor their common-law partners for the purposes of immigrating to Canada.

Special Rules for Common-law Partnerships

Couple will have to prove that they have lived together for at least one year with documentation. They will need to provide a lease or mortgage in both names. If they cannot prove this, they can also use utility bills, bank statements, credit card bills, phone bills, driver’s licenses, and any other documents that show that they have live together for 12 months in a consecutive row.

During the coronavirus, special measures have been put in place for partners who are travelling to Canada. They will have to prove their relationship status at the Port of Entry by providing the above documents.

Inbound and Outbound Sponsorship

Special measures have also been put into place during the COVID-19 outbreak that will affect couples differently depending on the type of their application, and whether they are applying for Inland or Outland sponsorship.

Both Inland and Outland sponsorship applications can be made in Canada. An Inland sponsorship application is when both partners are living together in Canada at the time of the application. The foreign common-law partner already has temporary status to live in Canada as a worker, student, or visitor.

An Outland sponsorship means that the application will be processed through the visa office that is the foreign national’s country of origin. Outland applicants might be permitted to travel to and from Canada. However, they must abide by the mandatory rules for travelers.

Also, during the coronavirus outbreak, the Canadian government is advising everyone to avoid leaving the country for any non-essential travel.

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