If you are looking for a well-paying work opportunity, there are numerous opportunities in Canada today. A study carried out by Statistics Canada reveal that Canada has in the recent past, put more emphasis on career progression on qualified jobs. The research was to show the average earnings of these trades upon receipt of their certificates. There was a detailed look at their income after working on the job for four years to come up with a clear understanding of these jobs.

Workers in two professions were raking in over $100,000 four years after receiving their accreditation. Others were receiving something close to the same amount. The lowest-earning professional, according to the Statistics Canada report, is the Hairstylist. Workers in that field had high income immediately after accreditation; however, there was a decline in their revenue four years after working on the job. For instance, they started with a salary of $21,130, which gradually declined to $19,530 after four years.

The report by Canada Apprenticeship Forum and Statistics reveal that Canada requires at least 167,739 new workers in the coming five years to match the demand. The figures are on a lower scale since there is a lot of differences in the classified jobs. They do not include those of Quebec which at the moment has at least 20% of the total beginners and their territories.

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