Finding Work in Canada These Days

If you are a Canadian citizen or an immigrant looking for work in Canada, you need to understand the current market demand and hiring trends in the country. Many people say that small cities such as Guelph have become powerhouses surpassing Canada’s four Metro cities. This trend does not mean that cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary do not attract new businesses and new jobs. If you read the 2018 labor market report by the Bank of Montreal, you will discover that small town are better in creating new businesses and new job opportunities than in the previous days.

Reasons Why Small Towns are Improving in The Canadian Employment’s Ranks

Many job seekers should take advantage of the improving unemployment rates in the small town because the contemporary boosts in the small cities might not last forever. Economic experts like Robert Kavcic, interpreting the labor market report card, say that smaller cities have experienced incredible growth in the unemployment rate recently because of the following reasons:

  • A reliable service and technology sectors that attract better employment in Ontario
  • A spillover from the mega city labor markets like Toronto and Vancouver
  • A better performance in creating job opportunities in small towns
  • Convergence in the small cities that has instigated a better per capita income in small cities than large cities.
  • Job quality improvement in Canada’s cities has created more professional work within smaller cities.
  • Small cities have shifted to contract work and part-time work as the primary employment plans preferably from the traditional full-time work

Canada’s Top 10 Ranked Cities You Should Find Work in As Per the 2018 BMO’s Labor Market Report Card.

Jobseeker or employee seeking better and quality employment opportunities, here are Canada’s top 10 ranked cities, you should take advantage of and find work:

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