Since the fast track processing of the H-1B visa has been suspended by the new US administration, numerous international skilled workers are left hanging! Technological and other companies in Canada have come up with a beneficial alternative. These skilled workers can now be a part of the Canadian labor market, and be a worker or a PR. The Canadian government has extended many opportunities and ways for workers to make Canada their home.

Until now, skilled workers could apply for the H-1B visa in the U.S and pay $1,000 USD for a fast track processing, which takes 15 days or is refunded. But now, this system was suspended for 6 months to a year. Also, this system was lottery based and the number of applicants has been significantly growing over the years.  On March 9, the Government of Canada announced that the country will soon start a 2-week processing time for skilled worker applicants. It is said to be in operation from June 12, 2017. It is believed to be a prosperous turn for Canadian companies to bring in skilled workers and this quick and efficient processing will be highly effective. The best part is, employer specific work permits are not based on a lottery system and anyone with the right documents can hope to make it purely based on merit and skills.

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