The recent political, economic and social changes within the US have significantly increased the number of US residents showing an interest in permanent immigration to Canada. Foreign skilled workers in the US with a valid H-1B visa and workers who were hoping to get their H-1B visa are now turning to Canada for better and secure options.

Applicants who hold a H-1B visa have the experience and skills of working in the US market, have a proven English ability and their resumes are impressive. Getting such people in the Canadian market is sure to be of advantage and an asset. Eligible H-1B holders can also benefit from Canada’s express entry immigration under the Federal Skilled Worker Class. While an applicant can apply without a job offer, having one gives more credit points. This means, eligible applicants can hope to make a career in Canada before the end of 2017!

That’s not all, the numerous Provincial Nominee Programs are other effective ways for hopeful immigrants to move to Canada and enjoy a good career and life.

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