Working two or more jobs at a time

If you are employed at two or more places at the same time, do not claim tax credit on both the incomes. Do this only for one job in order to avoid underpaying tax. You can check and update your current TD1 claim at any time of the year.

Eligibility and claiming tax credits

To verify if you are eligible for tax benefit, calculate your earnings from the previous tax year and compare it to your expected income in Canada. If the foreign income is more than 10% of your total income for that year, you should not claim the tax amount on TD1 form.

For example, you worked in your home country from January 1st to October 31st. You further plan to work in Canada in mid-November. In order for you to claim the personal tax credits, the income you earn from November to December will have to represent 90% of your income for the year. If that is not the case, you cannot claim the credits.

Try to maximize your refund                                     

Once you earn over the tax-exempted limit, save the receipts and bills for medical, dental and transport expenses so that you can use them for tax return.

Get professional help for tax returns

If you find tax filing procedure very complicated, you can take help from, which specializes in helping international workers file tax returns. With an average refund of $904, this firm also offers you free estimates, international bank transfers and even a 5% discount on tax return fee if you use the following link to apply.

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