Immigration to Atlantic Canada just got new wings with the new three- year Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, launched on 6th March, 2017. The year 2017 is all set to receive nearly 2000 applications under this employer driven program that aims to complete a minimum of 80% processing of complete application in 6 months or lesser!

This new program is a joint initiative launched by the federal government and the Atlantic Provinces. All eligible applicants must have a prior job offer, thus the program will heavily involve employers to complete the processing and make it a swift and effective program. The Atlantic Pilot Program has been divided into two sub programs for skilled workers, namely: The Atlantic High Skilled Program and The Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program.

That’s not all, another sub- program under this category, that hopes to bring in a number of applicants is The Atlantic International Graduate Program for student graduates.

Most of the requirements for eligibility are universal for all three sub programs, while some specific requirements are clearly notified under each. Whether an applicant applies under the worker or international student graduate will effect certain requirements like a prior job offer, education and the work experience. Under this program there will be no Labor Market Impact assessment process.

Any employer who wishes to benefit from this program and hire skilled workers must apply to their respective province and receive a designation. In case of multiple work locations in different provinces, the employer will have to separately apply to each province for a designation.

The Atlantic Pilot Program is all set and has opened a number of opportunities for hopeful and deserving applicants. The Atlantic Provinces have always been a popular place for immigrants and this program will make it more efficient and smooth. The application processing is expected to be smoother and faster than ever before, and anyone with the required documents and skill set can hope to be working and settling within 6 months or less. 2017 will see many new applications and applicants making their way into the Atlantic Provinces and contributing their skills for the rise and benefit of the overall economy. If you have been waiting to get in and make that life changing move, this seems to be the perfect chance to do so.