965,382 individuals by the end of 2018, what are You waiting for?

Immigration Drives Nova Scotia Population To All-Time High!

The record-breaking immigration numbers boosted the population of Nova Scotia to an all-time high of 965,382 individuals by the end of 2018.

This increase of over 10,000 immigrants includes 5,970 new immigrants who arrived in the region in the course of 2018.

The number of immigrants is expected to further rise in 2019 as the Nova Scotia Nominee Program’s federal government has increased the allocation nomination by 454 new spaces.

The increase in number of immigrants also entails 254 new endorsements under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

This increase comes after the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) and Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) collaborated to approve 2,272 newcomers in 2018.

Immigration Minister Lena Metlege Diab states that the country is strengthening its economy and population through prioritizing immigration. She adds that the momentum that Canada seeks is crucial to revitalize its communities and foster the success of Nova Scotia businesses. Hence, the country seeks o work closely with immigration partners as they focus on rural immigration and retention to attract international students and create innovative programs that enable businesses to meet the labor market needs.

In 2018, the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration exceeded both Atlantic Immigration Pilot and Provincial Nominee Program allocations as the province approved 2,272 people.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program targets prospective immigrants with skills and experience tthat can boost the economy of thee province and address demographic challenges effectively.

When a candidate meets the criteria of at leas the six listed streams, he or she can be nominated

for Nova Scotia immigration.

The Streams

The streams include: Physician, Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry, Skilled Worker, Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry, Entrepreneur, Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities: Express Entry, and International Graduate Entrepreneur.

The target processing time is three months.

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