In a step aimed at helping immigrants to learn French, the Quebec government has introduced new, improved options that are more favorable to immigrants compared to the ones that existed before. According to the new enhanced options, any immigrant in Quebec that is interested and taking in-person French classes will now have the right to financial compensation. Also, people who are living in Quebec on temporary status including workers and their spouse as well as students will now have the right to French classes and are now eligible for the related financial compensation.

It is crucial to note that, under the new guidelines by the Quebec government for immigrants interested in French language training, any person who bears immigrant status in Quebec will now be qualified to register for a French course. This is different from what was happening previously where the only people who were eligible to register were those that had arrived in the previous five years. On the same note, the Quebec government is offering financial compensation to people who are taking French classes on part-time arrangements, this is unlike in the past where only full-time students qualified for the program.

What types of French classes and financial compensation is Quebec offering to immigrants?

Currently, Quebec is offering four types of French classes to immigrants. For any immigrant in Quebec interested in these courses, you can visit the Quebec immigration website.

Full-time classes

These classes are offered to persons at the beginner and intermediate levels, they are usually 25 or 30 hours per week. Previously, the financial compensation for these courses was CAD$141 per week, but the benefit has been increased to CAD$185 per week. The increase means that participants are now entitled to transportation or commuting allowance and a childcare allowance.

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