Canada has seen a huge influx of immigrants moving to the country. But when it comes to Quebec, lots of people are choosing other parts of Canada instead. Not surprisingly, this means that not as many new businesses are opening there.

By the year 2020, the goal is to have 44,500 more immigrants move to Canada. They are hoping to have that number up to 50,000 before the end of 2022. Eventually, they want to know that there will be 80,000 people per year moving to Quebec.

The local economy and job market are struggling. With fewer people living in Quebec, fewer businesses are being launched. The demographics of Quebec have never quite been what the government wants. Based on how many people currently live in Quebec, it can handle an influx of 23% of the immigrants that move to Canada from one year to the next. This means Quebec is prepared to have 75,000 new immigrants move

Low immigration rates have been hurting the area and this is not something that can be ignored. At the rate, immigrants have been moving here, by 2040 the economy will only have seen a small growth. The growth would measure at 1.4%, per year, well below the country’s average of 1.9% every year.

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