If they can get the immigrant population up to 80,000 a year, then they can raise their percentage from 1.4 to 1.7. It would be possible to do this because of the Canada-Quebec Accord. It is a federal agreement between the provinces that makes it possible for Quebec to welcome immigrants with open arms. This is how they plan to get the population up to what they want it to be.

The concern is that not enough business investors are interested in Quebec because of the lack of people living there. Ontario is one of the areas they are in competition with because a lot of immigrants would prefer to live and work there. The economic and population growth of Ontario is more appealing, turning people off the idea of moving to Quebec.

Quebec has long been second to Ontario in terms of population. And since it is aging at a faster rate than was expected, the economy and business industry are struggling to keep up. Overall, Quebec is the sixth most populated area of Canada based on per capita. The goal is to get it much higher on the list.

Slowly, Quebec is making progress in attracting immigrants who will move here and start a business. It is already seeing an increased number of immigrants adding to the workforce. Now the average wage in Quebec has gone up, and the unemployment rate has come down, proving that immigrants are boosting the economy.

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