5.Farm-help workers

On October 23, 2013 a Saskatoon Company started helping farmers to recruit temporary foreign workers to help in farm work. The company was helping to fill the number of the needed 30,000 both seasonal and long term farm workers. It was as a result of the employment Canada acknowledging that there was shortage of agricultural workers



Due to the great demand for nurses in Canada out of shortages of healthcare workers in Ottawa, Ontario, Vancouver and other parts of this huge country (Canada is the second largest country in the whole world). Thus nurses from all over the world are being employed and being ingested into the public healthcare system as long as one has a one year experience nursing.

3. Mechanical Maintenance

At Honda premier vehicle manufacturing in Canada they employ temporary foreign workers who are ambitious, bright, and innovative team players who have focus on continuous improvement to join their team.  The company employs 4,200 workers in automobile manufacturing.

2. Foreign Exchange Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Most Companies in Canada are looking for customer service representatives to provide support with foreign exchange calls. The only qualification is for one to have excellent customer service experience and data entry skills. They employ temporary workers for example 6 Month contract that could be extended subject to one’s performance, attitude toward job and attendance.


1.Building Service Worker

Banff Centre employs foreign male workers to work in males changing rooms and washrooms. Also the hire foreign workers to offer exceptional customer services to artists, participants, conference attendees,  audience and general public who visit our campus throughout the year.

In conclusion Canada employs foreign workers to work in the country as the country experiences labour shortages. To cope with the labour shortages the Canada federal authorities allows immigration of a given number of people into the country as workers in different sectors. Also the Canada employers employ foreign skilled workers to replace the aging workers so that the company can maintain productivity.


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