Who does not like part-time work? The question is simple to answer, everyone likes part time work and would love to be able to only work part-time and still earn handsomely. However, most of the time it is impossible to work part time and still survive paying bills at the end of the month. For the year 2016, part time work kept Canada’s economy afloat.

Canada has been known to have an increase in jobs since 2009 which is right after the market crashed and companies started doing cut backs instead of hiring. For those of you too young to remember, it was a time in history that was bad, worldwide. Every country was in an economic mess. So, for Canada to be able to do this was incredible and people have given them a huge congratulations on being able to successfully increase the number of jobs for 7 consecutive years. However, it did bring a question, how were they doing it?

A look at the country’s job scene and one can find out that the new jobs that were being created were part time jobs; but unlike rest of the world, they were at least creating jobs. In total, they added 153,700 new part time jobs in 2016. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Even if the majority of their jobs added were not full time but part time, this is pretty amazing that they were able to increase their jobs and recover quickly.


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