How you can qualify for SMW ( The Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream)

The SWM is based on the unique needs of employers in Manitoba. It usually selects foreign workers who have the necessary skills and then nominates them to apply for permanent residency in Canada. This stream often gives priority to applicants who have strong ties to Manitoba. The main methods of immigration Canada are;

A) Work Experience
This pathway is for candidates who are working under temporary work permits in Manitoba. It can either be International Graduates from the provinces or the Temporary Foreign Worker program. It is not a requirement for applicants working under In-Demand jobs.

B) Employer Direct Recruitment
Candidates from abroad who have jobs approved by Manitoba employers fall under this category.
How to qualify under Skilled Worker Overseas category
The SWO or Skilled Worker Overseas Stream has the unique Canada Express Entry and direct provincial pathways.
Its primary focus is at the skilled foreign workers who have the training and specialized skills in Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations. Applicants and their spouses with family members and who have passed the language tests, training, and skills are given priority when looking for work opportunities.

1. Manitoba Express Entry
International applicants who are eligible in a different MPNP category and meet Express Entry requirements and have a profile under the Express Entry System.
2. Human capital
This category is for international skilled workers with training and some experience in Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations. Candidates must prove that they can get employment upon landing in Manitoba.
International Education category requirements
This program is for foreign graduates from universities and other colleges in Manitoba.
It has three subcategories

  • Career employment where one must have completed a one-year course from a Manitoba Institution in the past three years. They also must have a job offer which is related to the completion of the degree in Manitoba
  • The Graduate Internship where the holders of masters and doctorate degrees can apply through an internship.
  • The third is the student entrepreneur where one must complete a course in Manitoba, business experience for six months in Manitoba, become a resident immediately after graduation, and there are net worth requirements.

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