ITA Scores Will No Longer Be a Guarantee to Invitation

Since 19th February, the federal government has tightened its immigration rules, the candidates whose scores on their Skills Immigration Registration System goes above the thresholds points will be disqualified for an invitation by the provincial nomination.

For a candidate to me the requirement for nomination by either Skills Immigration or Express Entry British Columbia Immigration, he or she will be assessed based on human capital and economic factors. Looking at the applicant’s job experiences, level of education, language proficiency, salary, and job skills needed and the district of employment, the candidate will be awarded marks to determine his fitness for the open position.

Prior to the candidate applying for the Labor Market Impact Assessment, a foreign candidate is only required to apply for advertised jobs only. More also, they are needed to show the position is open in various recruitment agencies. The employer must advertise the position for at least twenty eight days and has proof that none of either the permanent or Canadian candidate resident do meet the requirement

To proceed with your immigration, the Quebec government has the list of nomination agencies that are selecting applicants who are competent and in high demand. For skill and semi-skilled workers that are needed in different provinces, they are nominated by the Skills Immigration pathway.

To be nominated by the hopeful Express Entry British Columbia, the applicant is expected to meet the prerequisite of one of the top three federal economic immigration programs. These programs are the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Workers Program, or the Federal Skilled Trade Program.

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