After the long-drawn-out calls for modernization, Canada’s LMIA Online Employers can finally oversee their Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications seamlessly online. This follows the piloting of an online portal dedicated to streamlining how they can hire temporary foreign workforce.

Members of the Canadian business community have forever remained steadfast in their quest for improvement of the LMIA process. They have been fighting for the modernization of the procedure for employers’ best interests.

And so, following this new development, employers under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program will need to create their user accounts on the portal. They will use the portal to manage and supervise all that pertains to LMIA and still transact with Service Canada.

Access to the platform will be exclusive to employers as they will only need the login details they often use on Job Bank for Employer. At this piloting stage, though, the portal has a questionnaire to help guide every employer on how to finalize LMIA application online.

The platform makes it a lot convenient to upload supporting documents and also track the progress of any request. Employers will also store and view decision letters from Service Canada.

This latest move will undoubtedly be a massive win for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business – CFIB. The two have probably been the most vocal among members of the business community, always urging the authorities to remove the bottlenecks around the hiring of temporary workers.

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