The global talent stream in Canada has been extremely beneficial to over 1000 Canadian employers in acquiring skilled labour. It has created 4000 plus job opportunities to immigrants since its launch in 2017.

The Canadian federal government announces that over five times more Canadian employees have also been employed. If that does not know what does. The more exciting news is the 3500 paid co-opposition also given to fellow Canadians. This is thanks to the Canada work permit pilot that encourages the use of local resources in terms of manpower.

When things cannot get better, employment and social development Canadian report that employers using the also have invested & 9.3 million into the development and training of Canadians.

The more great news is that the federal government is interested in making the GTS a permanent addition in its March 2019 budget. To many, this is a sign of greater economic prosperity, which affords a smile to thousands of Canadians.

This is turning all eyes on Canada’s overly generous employers; slowly, everyone is interested in having a piece of this delicious pie.

Thanks to the GTS, Canada’s target to filling approximated 216,000 jobs by 2021 is hopefully going to be met, which means putting on a poker face for Canada as they get into serious business.

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