When Ontario first came up with the idea of inviting technology workers to the state through OINP, they proposed the creation of a new autonomous PNP for technical workers. This update of the HCP flow appears to be a new approach to addressing the shortage of technicians in Ontario.

Ontario technology sector

The word technology sector in Ontario is mostly used to mean success without any exception, and over the past five years, it has grown by more than 50%. Report by BMO Capital Markets reveals that there is no sign of it decreasing, and the projections portray a positive outlook. Currently, the Greater Toronto Area is the fourth largest technology hub in North America with 241,000 technical staff. Toronto’s technology is so advanced that there are more jobs on Lake Ontario than in San Francisco Bay, the home of Silicon Valley. It is one of the main reasons why Ontario is focussing on technology when registering skilled workers.

Nevertheless, Toronto cannot devote all of its technical talents and leave nothing to entrepreneurs and the Ontario community since this is not how things are done in Canada. Fortunately, Ontario is also home to Waterloo. Thousands of engineers work in Waterloo at this growth hub. Most of these workers have previously attended the modern University of Waterloo. Since the Canadian capital is one of the best places to live in, Ottawa has not been left behind because of emerging technologies.

In North America, Randstad Company noted the need for trained foreign experts to address the gaps in technology companies of all sizes due to a lack of local expertise. With the support of the federal and provincial governments, there will need to develop bridging programs to newcomers to find jobs in Canada that match their skills and qualifications.

Hopefully, more and more states can join the federal government to hear this proposal. The BC PNP Tech Pilot has been in operation for many years. In other Canadian provinces, this professional technical expert has compiled a list of immigration criteria. Ontario technology is not too late to join the bandwagon. Entrepreneurs and foreign technicians will be pleased that Ontario’s technological sector is added to Canada’s immigration landscape.

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