A number of surveys carried out to test the availability of skilled labor force in Moncton have all turned out similar realizing that the required skilled labor force is quite minimal. Surveys have proven this to be the prime challenge facing employers in the city of Moncton, New Brunswick. Another survey by the CCGM (Chamber of Commerce of Greater Moncton) supports this through its findings that, out of the total 72,000 residents of the city all employers are progressively fixated on satisfying their labor needs and respondents attest to this as the main challenge hindering business growth.

When research was carried out with employers as respondents, findings as at 23rd of November to 9th December 2018 stated that out of 174 businesses that were studied, 38% of employers mentioned how difficult it was to find employees with the right labor skills as a top concern whereas 48% expressed how difficult it was to acquire the much needed experienced employees.

The shortage of skilled workers is the main problem employers’ face as it is a hindrance to business growth. However, Moncton, New Brunswick see adding the number of foreign employees as a long term solution to solving their labor problem. According to survey results, 55% of employers have hired non-residents of Moncton province just in the previous year.


Causes of Labour Shortage in the Province

According to research by Chamber of Commerce of Greater Moncton, the economy of the province had been thriving years back until they started facing challenges which slowly led to the need to have foreign workers to fill the labor gaps. Some of these challenges are;

  • New Brunswick’s growing elderly population
  • Migration to other provinces in Canada
  • Low-birth rate
  • Employers outsourcing labor

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